Unallocated Edney Records

This page lists entries for Edney (or Ednie) in the Scottish records, but the connection to this Edney family is not yet clear. If you have any information on these people, it would be good to either place them properly in the tree or remove them from this site.

In Ferry Port on Craig, Fife, the following entires are listed:

Agnes EDNIE married George MILN on 6 May 1757.

Mary EDNEY married David MARTIN on 19 Nov 1762.
There is also a marriage recorded 19 Nov 1762 between Mary Edney and David MARTINE, recorded in Forgan, Fife. It may be that both entries relate to banns (notice) of marriages rather than actual marriage, explaining the double entry. It might also suggest that Mary was from Forgan and David from Ferry Port on Craig.

William EDNIE married Mary CROCKAT on 27 Sep 1782.
William EDNIE may have re-married after Janet Robertson died?

Hellen EDNIE married James BERRIE on 14 Jan 1830.
This Helen could be the daughter (born 1806) of Robert EDNIE Edney and Mary BROWN, however in the 1841 census Helen is listed as living with her parents and with the name EDNIE.
It could also be Helen (born 1812) of David EDNEY and Janet Robertson, although the family at that time lived in Edinburgh or Dundee.

In the Kilconquhar, Fife area:

James EDNIE married Janet THOMSON on 4 Dec 1789 in Kilconquhar, Fife. They had four children: Alexander EDNIE (born 1 Aug 1790), Robert Anstruth EDNIE (born 27 May 1798 in Kilconquhar, possibly baptised in Carnbee), Ages EDNIE (born 24 May 1801 in Kilconquhar), and Helen EDNIE (born 8 Jun 1810 in Kilcoquhar).

Agnes EDNIE married Robert TRAILL on 8 Jun 1828 in Kilcoquhar.

James may or may not be related to Alexander below.

Alexander EDNIE married Margaret METHVEN on 25 Mar 1796 in Kilcoquhar. They had three children: Alexander EDNIE (born 21 Oct 1796), John EDNIE (born28 Jun 1798) and Walter EDNIE (born 2 Mar 1800), all in Kilcoquhar, Fife.

Walter EDNIE married Catherine STEELE on 1 Jun 1822 in Kilcoquhar. They had four children: Catherine EDNIE (born 7 Oct 1822), Alexander EDNEY (born 28 Oct 1824), David EDNIE (born 1 Jan 1826), and John EDNIE (born 11 Jul 1828), all in Kilcoquhar.
Note Alexander listed as EDNEY.

Alexander EDNIE married Margaret TRAIL (or TRAILL) on 12 Mar 1825 in Kilcoquhar (or Cameron?). They had 5 children: George EDNIE (born 5 Dec 1826), Alexander EDNIE (born 27 Oct 1828), Janet EDNIE (born 23 Jan 1831), John EDNIE (born 13 May 1833), and Elizabeth EDNIE (born 27 Oct 1836), all in Kilcoquhar.
It is not clear whether this Alexander is the son of either James or Alexander listed above (or possibly even the Alexander below).
Margaret may be related to the Robert Traill listed above.

Alexander EDNIE married Margaret PATTON on 10 Dec 1803 in Kilcoquhar (or Cameron).

Mary EDNIE married Thomas PEATTIE on 23 Nov 1846 in Kilcoquhar.

In Abbotshall, Fife area:

No records point to link between these listed EDNIEs, however at least some were probably brothers and sisters.

Christian EDNIE married Janet COMRIE on 29 Dec 1821 in Dysart, Fife.

It is unclear if this Christian corresponds to the Christopher listed below:

Christopher EDNIE and Janet COMRIE (no marriage record found) had three children: Andrew EDNIE (born 28 Apr 1828 (also record for 13 May 1829)), Matilda EDNIE (born 1 Jan 1830) and Janet EDNIE (born 20 Apr 1831), all in Abbotshall.

Andrew EDNIE married Barbara GRAHAM on 21 Jul 1850 in Abbotshall (or possibly 9 Aug Aug 1850 in Kirkcaldy).
This Andrew may be the son of Christopher.

John EDNIE married Ann ERSKINE on 8 Feb 1835 in Abbotshall. They had 7 children: Elizabeth EDNIE (born 20 Dec 1835), John Erskine EDNIE (born 11 Mar 1840), Agnes EDNIE (born 11 Apr 1842), Mary Ann EDNIE (born 10 Jul 1845), Janet EDNIE (born 17 Aug 1846), Robert EDNIE (born 11 Jul 1848), and James Brown EDNIE (born 9 Dec 1850).
Elizabeth born in Abbotshall before family moved to Scoonie (Fife) where the other children were born.

Robert EDNIE married Agnes MELDRUM on 18 Dec 1836 in Abbotshall. They had 7 children (all in Abbotshall): John EDNIE (born 21 Oct 1837), David and Robert EDNIE (twins born 24 Dec 1840), Robert EDNIE (born 10 Apr 1843), Helen EDNIE (23 Mar 1846), Agnes EDNIE (born 29 Aug 1849), and Elizabeth (born 13 Nov 1854).
Note that twin Robert possibly died, accounting for following son also called Robert.

Janet EDNIE married Alexander LUMSDEN on 18 Nov 1838 in Abbotshall. No children recorded.

John EDNIE married Margaret HODGE on 27 Dec 1840 in Abbotshall. They had one son, George EDNIE born 19 Dec 1841 in Abbotshall.

Anne EDNIE married Robert PATERSON on 25 Dec 1842 in Abbotshall. No children recorded.
Married on Christmas Day??

David EDNIE married Christian (or probably Christina) IRVINE on 8 Jan 1843 in Abbotshall. They had one daughter, Christina EDNIE born 12 Nov 1843.

John EDNIE and Eliza PATERSON (no marriage record found) had four children: Andrew EDNIE (born 22 Jan 1845), George EDNIE (born 27 Feb 1847), Elizabeth EDNIE (born 22 Jun 1849), and John EDNIE (born 30 Aug 1851), all in Abbotshall.

Alexander EDNIE married Isabella GALLOWAY on 4 Dec 1849 in Abbotshall.

James EDNIE married Margaret GRAHAM on 13 Jan 1851 in Abbotshall.

William EDNIE married Agnes WHELDON (or WHILDON) on 7 Dec 1851 in Barony, Glasgow. They had two children, both born in Abbotshall, Fife: Janet EDNIE (born 23 Jul 1852) and Isabella EDNIE (born 1 Nov 1854).

In the Carnbee, Fife are:

Henry EDNIE married Anne ANDERSON on 29 Jul 1797 in Carnbee, Fife. They had six children (all in Carnbee): Alexander EDNIE (born 6 Jun 1799), Mary EDNIE (10 May 1801), Isabel EDNIE (20 Sep 1803), Nancy EDNIE (born 17 Jan 1806), William EDNIE (born 25 Mar 1810), James (born 3 May 1812).

Robert EDNIE married Penelope DIVIDSON on 4 Jun 1819 in Kilcoquhar. They has two children both born in Carnbee: James EDNIE (born 27 Nov 1819) and John EDNIE (born 14 Dec 1821).

James EDNIE married Margaret METHVEN on 28 Nov 1835 in Carnbee. They had four children (all born in Carnbee): Henry EDNIE (born 3 Jan 1837), Coline EDNIE (born 23 Jan 1839), Janet EDNIE (born 14 Dec 1845), and William EDNIE (born 12 Dec 1852).
This James EDNIE may be the son of Henry or Robert (or neither).

Charles EDNIE married Jean ARMIT (or ARMET) on 1 Jan 1831 in Kilcoquhar (also recorded in Carnbee register on 26 Feb 1831). They has two children: James EDNIE (born 1 Sep 1832 in Cameron) and Jean EDNIE (born 24 May 1834 in Carnbee).

Agnes EDNIE married Alexander HARRIS on 4 May 1833 in Carnbee.

Andrew EDNIE married Helen MORGAN on 15 Jun 1833 in Kilcoquhar (or Carnbee). They had three children: Henry EDNIE (born 13 Oct 1833 in Carnbee), Alexander EDNIE (born 20 Dec 1835 in Carnbee), and Anne Duncan EDNIE (born 5 Aug 1838 in Carnbee).

Christina EDNIE married John IMRIE on 10 Aug 1833 in Carnbee.

Robert EDNIE married Isabel MACKIE on 28 Jan 1838 in Carnbee.

Other Fife locations:

Janet EDNIE married James BALFOUR on 26 Jan 1828 in St Andrews and St Leonards, Fife.

Janet EDNIE married James HILL on 7 Mar 1851 in St Andrews and St Leonards.

Helen EDNEY married James SMART on 15 May 1852 in St Andews and St Leonards.

George EDNIE married Janet HARDIE on 31 Dec 1853 in St Andrews and St Leonards, Fife. They had one child: Alexander EDNIE born 10 Dec 1854 in Carnbee, Fife.

David EDNIE and Jannet GRIEG had a child Alexander EDNIE on 19 Jun 1791 in Cameron, Fife.

John EDNEY and Jannet GRIEG has two children: Christian EDNEY (born 11 Feb 1799) and William EDNEY (born 6 Mar 1800), both in Kennoway, Fife.

John EDNIE and Isabell MELVILL had a child David EDNIE born 31 Jul 1757 in Kennoway, Fife.

Helen EDNEY married Lindsay MURGAN on 16 Nov 1823 in Kennoway, Fife.

Charles EDNIE married Janet BROWN - two records of marriage: 8 Dec 1838 in Wemyss, Fife and 25 Nov 1838 in St Andrews and St Leonards, Fife. They had three children: Helen EDNIE (born 6 Oct 1839 in Wemyss), Robert Brown EDNIE (born 27 Jun 1841 in Wemyss), and Margaret EDNIE (born 6 May 1843 in Carnbee, Fife).

John EDNIE and Helen FLEMING (or FLIMING) had two children: Robert EDNIE (born 28 Oct 1814 in Markinch, Fife), and Mary EDNIE (born 21 Sep 1820 in Wemyss, Fife).

Andrew EDNIE and Isobel (Isabella, Bell) MELDRUM had three children: Alexander EDNIE (born 2 May 1824 in Dysart, Fife), Robert EDNIE (born 15 Apr 1832 in Abbotshall, Fife) and Ann EDNIE (born 23 Aug 1835 in Abbotshall, Fife).

Alexander EDNIE and Agnes CLARK had two children: Alexander EDNIE (born 5 Jun 1774 in Largo, Fife) and Henry EDNIE (born 10 Oct 1779 in Largo, Fife).

John EDNIE married Margaret SMITH on 8 Oct 1803 in Markinch, Fife.

Euphame EDNIE married Walter LUMSDEN on 21 Nov 1662 in Cupar, Fife.

Robert EDNIE married Margaret RUSSELL on 26 Nov 1842 in Creich, Fife. They had two children: William EDNIE (born 19 Feb 1844 in Creich, Fife) and Margaret EDNIE (born 20 Jun 1847 in Cupar, Fife).

Alexander EDNIE married Jane JOHNSTON on 5 Nov 1850 in Abdie, Fife.

Charles EDNIE married Janet DRYBURGH on 10 Mar 1838 in Wemyss, Fife.

David EDNIE married Christian SHAW on 13 Jun 1807 in Cameron, Fife.

David EDNIE married Mary Ann BUIST on 20 Dec 1851 in Abdie, Fife. They had two children: Walter EDNIE (born 20 Mar 1852 in Leslie, Fife) and Jeanie EDNIE (born 20 Jan 1854 in Logie, Fife).

James EDNIE married Margaret GRAHAM on 13 Jan 1851 in Kirkcaldy.
Cf marriage of Andrew EDNIE and Barbara GRAHAM in 1850 in Abbotshall.

Alexander EDNIE and ELIZABETH MARTIN on Nov 15 1844 and had a son Walter EDNIE on 14 Sep 1845 in Newburgh, Fife.

Catherine EDNIE married William AIRN on 10 Oct 1845 in Newburgh, Fife.

David EDNIE and Janet PRIDE (or PRYDDE) had two children: James EDNIE (born 16 Mar 1829 in Carnbee, Fife) and David EDNIE (born 20 Feb 1831 in Dairsie, Fife).

John EDNIE and Helen FLEMING had a daughter Ann EDNIE on 10 Sep 1816 in Markinch, Fife.

Isabel EDNEY married John PULLER on 25 Nov 1780 in Dysart, Fife.

Agnes EDNEY married Robert BALFOUR on 14 Jan 1837 in Crail, Fife.

Isobel EDNIE married Thomas LAINY on 1 Aug 1829 in Crail, Fife.

Helen EDNIE married James SMART on 15 May 1851 in Dunino, Fife.

Janet EDNIE married Alexander LUMSDEN on 3 Dec 1838 in Kirkcaldy, Fife.
Note earlier marriage of Euphame EDNIE married Walter LUMSDEN on 21 Nov 1662 in Cupar, Fife.

In Dundee, Angus area, the following are recorded:

James EDNIE married Margaret YOUNG (double notice of marriage 21 Nov 1777 in Dundee, Angus and Mains and Strathmartine, Angus.)

They had four children: Mary EDNIE (born 26 Aug 1778 in Dundee), Robert EDNIE (born 21 Jun 1780 in Dundee), Anne EDNIE (born 24 Apr 1785 in Dundee), and John EDNIE (born 27 Feb 1791 in Mains and Stratmartine).
On the birth records for Mary and John, James is listed as Jas Ednie.

David EDNIE married Agnes DONALDSON on 13 Dec 1825 in Dundee.

Janet EDNEY married Matthew WATT on 20 Jun 1842 in Dundee.
This Janet EDNEY could be from anywhere. It is likely that Dundee was Matthew’s home town, but there is no record of Janet being born there.

In the Shotts, Lanark area:

Andrew EDNIE married Margaret McARTHUR on 28 Feb 1834 in Shotts, Lanark. They had four children (all in Shotts): Elisabeth EDNIE (born 22 Sep 1826), Alexander EDNEY (born 5 Sep 1828), James EDNEY (born 21 Feb 1833), and Margaret EDNIE (born 23 May 1835).
Note change to EDNEY. Andrew recorded as EDNEY on Alexander and James birth record, but then back to EDNIE on Margaret’s record.

Outside Fife there are a few other fragmented records:

John EDNIE married Mary Ann ALLAN on 1 Dec 1848 in Scone, Perth. They had one recorded child: Isabella (born 1 May 1851).

Rothie EDNIE married William IRVING on 10 Mar 1781 in St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh City.

Isabella EDNIE married Peter WHITE on 4 Aug 1832 in St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh City.

George EDNIE married Jean MAY on 15 Nov 1847 in Currie, Midlothian.

Andrew EDNIE married Janet WILLIAMSON on 7 Dec 1851 in Bathgate, West Lothian.

Elizabeth EDNIE married John BARRIE on 18 Jan 1852 in Whitburn, West Lothian.

Margaret EDNIE married Peter BROWN on 28 Mar 1852 in Whitburn, West Lothian.
Elizabeth and Margaret may have been sisters?

Mixed locations:

William EDNIE married Betty (or Bett or Elizabeth) CASSELS (or CASSELLS or CASSLES) on 28 Jan 1826 in Newburgh, Fife or Dundee, Angus. They had five children: Janet EDNIE (born 3 Oct 1830 in Leith South Edinburgh), Mary EDNIE (born 17 Mar 1833 in Livingston, West Lothian), Georgina EDNIE (born 10 Feb 1835 in Livingston, West Lothian), John Cassles EDNIE (born 12 Feb 1837 in Abbotshall, Fife), and Alexander EDNIE (born 25 Jan 1842 in Kirkcaldy, Fife).

Birth record for unnamed EDNIE born 17 Jun 1852. Father Andrew EDNIE, mother unnamed.

A record for marriage of Mary EDNEY to George SHEPHERD on 29 May 1718, location unknown.

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