Sarah Jane Warrick

Summary information

Name Sarah Jane Warrick
Date of birth c. 1809
Place of birth United Kingdom
Died 1878
Place of death Sydney, New South Wales
Mother -
Father -
Siblings -
Spouse 1. Joseph Harrison I
2. George Armstrong Campbell
Date of marriage 1. 1839
2. 26 April 1854
Place of marriage 1. Newcastle
2. Sydney
Children Mary Ann Harrison
William Harrison
John D Harrison
Thomas Harrison
Joseph Harrison II

Helen Armstrong Campbell
Occupation Maid

Other information

On 21 February 1832, Sarah Jane she was tried at the Cumberland Assizes in Carlisle on the charge of incendiarism and sentenced to 7 years and transportation. She was reportedly 20 years old at the time (putting her birth at c. 1812), single, Protestant, could read and write, gave her native place as Cumberland, and was employed as a house maid and needlewoman. She stood 5 foot 4 and a half inches tall, ruddy with freckled complexion, sandy brown hair, and light grey eyes.

She sailed with 105 other female convicts on the Fanny II from Downs (UK) on the 29 September 1832, arriving in Sydney on 2 February 1833, a journey of 188 days. Of the 106 females that embarked at Downs, 98 disembarked in Sydney, 8 dying on the voyage. Henry Sherwood was the Master, Frank Logan and William B Marshall were the surgeons on board.

The 1837 General Return of Convicts shows Sarah assigned to Robert Copland Lethbridge at Penrith. Robert Lethbridge came free to the colony in 1827 and took up his first tract of land in Parramatta. By 1837 he had a 2,560 acre property in Penrith with 152 cattle.

Sarah obtained her Ticket of Leave #37/1044 on 8 July 1837 however it was cancelled 3 months later “for committing adultery.”

Sarah married Joseph Harrison in 1839, at the Christ Church, Hexham, Newcastle. Joseph Harrison was born in Staffordshire. On 6 September 1833 he was tried on the charge of desertion a the Knightsbridge Barracks Court Martial and sentenced to 7 years and transportation. John only obtained his Certificate of Freedom in 1840.

Joseph and Sarah had five children: Mary Ann, William, John, Thomas and Joseph. Joseph Harrison has died sometime between 1852 and 1854.

Sarah remarried to George Armstrong Campbell in 1854 at St James', Sydney. They had only one known child, Ellen (Hellen) Armstrong Campbell, only five months after the marriage.

Sarah Jane died in 1878. Death record states that she was 69 years old, putting her birth at 1809.


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