Richard Frazer Morgan

Summary information

Name Richard Frazer Morgan
Date of birth 2 November 1806
Place of birth Concord, NSW
Date of death 29 August 1851
Place of death Parramatta, NSW
Mother Eleanor Register
Father William Morgan
Siblings Anne Morgan
Lucy Morgan I
William Fraser Morgan
Sarah Morgan I
Spouse Margaret Elizabeth Murphy
Date of marriage 7 October 1833
Place of marriage Sydney, NSW
Children Sarah Morgan II
Elizabeth Morgan
John Joseph Morgan
Richard William Morgan
Rebecca Jane Morgan
Eleanor Morgan
Margaret Morgan
Lucy Morgan II
Frederick Morgan
Occupation Farmer

Simpson-Register-Morgan-Abbott-Seitz-Springfield-Edney tree


Richard Simpson (-)

Dorothy Simpson (1733) married Robert Register (-)

Eleanor Register (1764) — William Morgan (1764)

Other information

A comprehensive background has been written on Richard Morgan in "After Nell: Descendants of Ellen Register First Fleeter" by Clare Stapleton Concord.

In 1818, Richard was granted 50 acres on the south side of Liverpool Road, Burwood, located next to a grant to Frederick Meredith.

On 21 August 1819, Richard was appointed Constable on the Sydney-Liverpool Road. Although he would have only been 14 at the time he may have added to the farm income by becoming a Constable, as was the case with Frederick Meredith. (Unconfirmed)(NSWAO Reel 6038)(SZ 1044 p80, Sydney Gazette 21 Aug 1819)

However, on 20 October 1821, Richard was dismissed from the Office of Road Constable. (Sydney Gazette 20 Oct 1821)

In 1825, Richard's sister Lucy was murdered.

22 Apr 1831 - Richard had 50 acres of land cleared. The farm was called Park Hill. This property in turn became his. (The Australian 22 Apr 1831)

7 Oct 1833 - Richard married Margaret Murphy.

1851 - Richard died of a mental illness in what was called at the time the Lunatic Factory Department Parramatta. His daughter Elizabeth also passed away of a mental illness in 1901 at the Callan Park Asylum, Sydney.

Note: Age on DC shown as 57 whereas Headstone gives correct age as 45

Note: Headstone states he died 30 Aug 1851


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