Possible Common Ancestors

There were other Ednie people living in Ferry Port on Craig since the early 18th century.

It is possible that John Ednie (born around 1720) and Daniel Ednie (born 1702) were brothers of William Ednie I, and by extension of assumptions, all three were sons of William Edney I. The population of Ferry Port on Craig was less than 500 people in the first half of the century, so it seems possible that all these Ednies are related. However, if there had been Ednies in the area from a much earlier time, then these people may only be distantly related.

John EDNIE family

John Ednie (born c. 1720, died 1802) married Elizabeth McQueen (born c 1720; died 19 December 1802) on 16 September 1748 at Ferry Port on Craig. John was a sailor. They had four children:

  • Margaret Ednie (christened 8 Oct 1749)
  • Elizabeth Ednie (born 29 Nov 1751) - Given that Betty is a short form of Elizabeth, this may indicate that Elizabeth died prior to 1757.
  • Betty Ednie Edney (born 13 Aug 1757)
  • Jean Ednie (born 6 Jul 1755) married James Mathew (born c. 1755, Seaman, died c. 1803) on 6 Feb 1781 and had five children:
    • James (Jas) Mathew (born 12 Jun 1781),
    • John Mathew (born 21 Oct 1786),
    • Ednie Mathew (born 27 Mar 1789),
    • William Mathew Matthew (born 27 Feb 1799).
    • Betty (Elizabeth) Mathew (born 31 May 1792) married David Smith on 14 Dec 1820.

David Smith was from Forgan (Fife), and his parents were David Smith and Katherine Henderson. This Katherine Henderson may have been related to the Elizabeth Henderson that later married William Edney II.

Katherine’s brother William Henderson moved to Ferry Port on Craig before 1800 and had three sons – William, John and Andrew. This son William married Elizabeth Anderson on 25 Jan 1827, but no children are listed. Andrew married Helen Forces (in 1833) and then Elisabeth Nicoll (in 1845).

Daniel EDNIE

The records show the William Edney I and Margaret Johnstone had a son Daniell Edny, born 1 February 1702 in Ferry Port on Craig.

www.SoctlandsPeople.gov.uk births and baptism records include a number of items relate to a Daniel Ednie living in Ferry Port on Craig. It is not clear which, if any, relate to William and Margaret's son.

  • Daniel Ednie and Agnes McQuean were parents to Elspeth Ednie born (or baptised) 28 Oct 1734 at Ferry Port on Craig.
  • Daniel Ednie and Elizabeth Paterson are listed as having four children:
    • John Ednie born 11 Nov 1743 at Ferry Port on Craig
    • Elizabeth Ednie born 9 June 1745 at Ferry Port on Craig
    • James Ednie born 5 July 1747 at Ferry Port on Craig
    • Andrew Ednie born 23 June 1751 at Ferry Port on Craig
  • Daniel Ednie and Janet Paterson were parents to Janet Ednie born 1 April 1753 at Ferry Port of Craig.
  • There is also a record of a Daniel Ednie marrying a Margaret Yeaman on 30 Dec 1737 in Ferry Port on Craig.


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