Lucy Amelia Abbott

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Name Lucy Amelia Abbott
Date of birth 23 September 1859
Place of birth Concord, New South Wales
Date of death 20 July 1936
Place of death Lindfield, New South Wales
Mother Elizabeth Morgan
Father William Henry Abbott
Siblings Sarah Mary Abbott
Emma Anne Abbott
Elizabeth Abbott
Alfred John Abbott
Margaret A Abbott
Selina J Abbott
John J Abbott
Spouse Johann Joachim Seitz
Date of marriage 3 March 1883
Place of marriage Burwood, NSW
Children John Alfred Seitz
Elizabeth Lizzie Sykes
Lucy May Sykes
Frederick William Sykes
Mary Jenny Seitz
Thomas Joseph Sykes
William H Seitz
James Francis Sykes
Richard Concord Sykes
Ada Louise Seitz
Occupation -

Simpson-Register-Morgan-Abbott-Seitz-Springfield-Edney tree


Richard Simpson (-)

Dorothy Simpson (1733) married Robert Register (-)

Eleanor Register (1764) — William Morgan (1764)

Other information

In 1891, Lucy and John lived in Concord Road, Concord. At the time there were 5 related families residing in the street:

  • #108 - John Seitz - 3 males, 4 females
  • #107 - William Abbott - 1 male, 3 females
  • #109 - Richard Morgan - 3 males, 6 females
  • #XX - Joseph Morgan - 6 males, 6 females
  • #XX - Frederick Morgan - 4 males, 2 females

By 1904, Lucy and John had moved to 34 Bettington Road, Millers Point, NSW. From around 1910 until her death in 1936, Lucy lived in Lindfield (Wellington Road).

A 1936 news article written at the time of her death notes that Lucy was one of the pioneers of the Labor movement in the Lindfield area.

Mrs J Sykes Snr.
With the passing of Mrs John Sykes senior, of Lindfield, on Monday, the Labor Movement has lost one more of the grand old pioneers. Mrs Sykes had lived for 26 years in Lindfield, and is survived by her husband, six sons, and three daughters. Mr J Sykes, of Kent Street, City, is a son and Mr FJ Sykes, president of the ALP Branch, Lindfield, is another son. Mrs Sykes is aunt of Mrs L Steel, well known in the Labor movement. Mrs and Mr Springfield, well known in Labor circles in Bankstown, are daughter and son-in-law. The interment took place yesterday at Norther Suburbs Cemetery.

Lucy died of myocarditis in 1936. She was buried 21 July 1936 in Norther Suburbs Cemetery, A5 Catholic Portion, Lot 3.


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