Jochim Peters

Summary information

Name Jochim Peters
Date of birth 29 August 1774
Place of birth Clostersande, Holstein, Germany
Date of death -
Place of death -
Mother Catherina Wehrmann
Father Jacob Peters
Siblings -
Spouse Catharina Margaretha Koch
Date of marriage 25 October 1795
Place of marriage Elmshorn, Holstein, Germany
Children Anna Peters
Occupation -

German connection tree

Jacob Peters (-) married Catherina Wehrmann (-)
Jochim Peters (1774)
Johann Koch (-) married Anna Plening (-)
Catharina Margaretha Koch (1773)
Kurt Timmermann (-) married Elsabe ? (-)
Elsabe Timmerman (-) married Jochim Scharmer (-) » Johann Scharmer (1795)

Anna Peters (1798) married Johann Scharmer (1795)

Anna Scharmer (1834) —— Carl Seitz (-)

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