Janet Robertson II

Summary information

Name Janet Robertson
Date of birth 28 August 1785
Place of birth Edinburgh, Scotland
Died -
Place of death -
Mother Margaret Ritchie
Father James Robertson
Siblings -
Spouse David Edney I
Date of marriage 24 January 1803
Place of marriage The Canongate, Edinburgh
Children John Robertson Edney
Margaret Edney
Janet Edny
Mary Edney
Helen Edney
David Edney II
unnamed Edney I
Occupation -

Other information

Janet was born and raised in Edinburgh (in Portsburgh), with her father being a smith. When David Edney relocated to Edinburgh, he met and married Janet Robertson (the same name as his mother, but unclear if there is any connection).

It was here at The Canongate that David and Janet had their first child, John Robertson, in 1804. Soon after, Margaret joined the family. By the time their third and fourth children were born, Janet in 1808 an Mary in 1810, the family was living in Kirknewton/East Calder in West Lothian county. This pattern of relocation repeated itself – Helen was born in 1812 in Edinburgh, and David was born in 1814 back in Kirknewton/East Calder. After a period, another child was born to the couple in 1821, but was unnamed and is likely to have died soon after birth.

It seems that around this time that the family moved to Dundee in Angus county, as both John Robertson and Margaret were married there.

The date of death is not certain, but Janet was not included in the 1941 or 1951 census data.


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