How To Edit Pages - Quickstart

Once you have registered (see top of page), you can edit any article in this wiki. Simply click on edit button at the bottom of the relevant page. This will open an editor with a toolbar pallette with options.

Although creating and editing pages is easy, there are a lot more options that allows creating powerful sites. Please visit Documentation pages to learn more about using wiki markup language. On this wiki it's similar, but slightly different, to the markup language used in Wikipedia.

Still unsure of how to use the markup language? By clicking edit on any article you can simply copy what someone else has already done. Or if you want to try something new, just search on the Wikidot Community pages to see if someone else can help.

Feel free to experiment in the Sandbox before editing an article.

Other tips:

  • Note that use of spaces is often critical in using some wiki formatting commands.
  • Use the 'preview' function to check changes before saving.
  • Be sure to add a brief description of the changes you make in the edit summary, or else use the articles discussion page if needed.
  • You need to attach a document, picture, etc as a file to an articles before you can use it as an image in an article. But once attached to one article, it can be included as an image in other articles without re-attaching to each article. This saves on space required for this wiki.
  • To start a new page, just create a link to it from an existing page. If it doesn't already exist, it will be coloured red. Just click on this and you can start the new page. (Don't forget to add tags to the new page.)
  • If you are adding a new person page, copy and paste the formatting from an existing article and then amend details.
  • Because we care about privacy, information on living persons should be limited. It's best to not include specific date of birth or address, or any other information that could be used to steal an identity.
  • Unless you have a really good spam filter, it's best to only include email addresses as images rather than text, to avoid it being captured by automated bots that trawl the internet looking for addresses.

If you need help, send me a message via the 'Contact' button above. If you think you are pretty good at using this site, ask me about becoming a site moderator or administrator.

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