George Welsh Edney

Summary information

Name George Welsh Edney
Date of birth 12 September 1879
Place of birth Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
Died 10 May 1967
Place of death Wagga Wagga
Mother Helen Armstrong Campbell
Father James Welsh Edney
Siblings James Stewart Edney
Helen Elizabeth Edney
Isabella Rose Edney
Clare (Clara) Martha Edney
Albert Edward Edney
Alice May Edney
William Arthur Edney
Gladys Sarah Edney
Spouse Rebecca Mancell Davis
Date of marriage 25 May 1904
Place of marriage -
Children Welsh Norman Edney
Hazel George Edney
Elsbeth Wilhelmina Edney
Robert Walsh Edney
Occupation Clerk

Other information

Keith Swan wrote1 that George Welsh Edney was "known and respected by almost everyone" in Wagga Wagga. Swan noted that George was a cleark for fifty years, as well as being influential in many local bodies including the Historical Society, School of Arts, Show Society, Murrumbidgee Turf Club, and others. Swan continues (p 185):

He was appreciated for his sincerity, his knowledge, his youthful spirit even in his eighties and his dry wit. When told by the manager of a stock firm with which he had worked for forty-five years that he was to be retired, George Edney remarked 'Sir! Had I known it was to be a temporary position I should never have accepted it!'

A Loyal Orange Lodge certificate addressed to George Edney is recorded in the CSU Regional Archives2

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