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At last I have retired and have more time for family tree. I am trying to collect material for publishing a tree for each of the grandchildren of Ellen Frazer. So that was be Elizabeth Morgan, the daughter of Margaret Elizabeth (Murphy) and Richard Morgan. I would like to post parts here so people can give me feedback. Not sure how to do that. Any advice?

Hello Edney Cousins by Clare53705Clare53705, 23 Oct 2009 18:09

The following note appears under Life in Scotland. (It was while working as a sawyer in 1820 that Robertson met Elizabeth Webster,)

I am interested in finding the person who entered this information and the source.

Paul Edney
Wollongong N.S.W.

John Robertson Edney by Paul Graham EdneyPaul Graham Edney, 05 Jul 2009 07:11

Does anyone have the supporting certificate or baptism entry for Elizabeth's birth details in 1834, or was this based on a newspaper report at a later date.

baptism/birth by Brent RBrent R, 05 Jul 2009 06:09

This year marks both the 150th anniversary of the arrival of JB Edney and family; and the 175th of the arrival of Robertson Edney. Someone please organise a reunion for Wagga Wagga! Doesn't have to be anything fancy. I am too busy organising one for a convict on my mum's side. But I'm willing to assist someone who wishes to take the reins. Perhaps consider a long weekend for people to get to WW from wherever they are - maybe Labor Day in October?

  • Send invites
  • Book room/hall
  • Print out a chart of descendants, copy a couple of photos, convict documents, Reminiscences etc.
  • BYO food & drink
  • That's it basically
REUNION - 2009 by Brent RBrent R, 20 May 2009 07:33

Do you have a picture of him Shel?

Jack Price by Brent RBrent R, 10 Jan 2009 09:02

Dear Friends

He was a shop keeper running the typical suburban 'corner shop' in Merrylands, NSW, and split his time between that & looking after 'Bella' (Edney) his Mother.

Uploaded scanned copies from the Gormly Indexes [obtained at Mitchell Library]. Paul if you want to place them where you think appropriate. Cheers

Gormly Indexes by Brent RBrent R, 19 Oct 2008 08:13

If anyone sees any information that hasn't been referenced, please feel free to post a note or you if you can, edit/add a citation. Many pages have footnotes at the bottom, and if you look down at the bottom of a page you'll see a "files" link, click on it, and then click on "info" next to the document/picture to see the reference there, e.g. James Brown Edney funeral notice:

File name: FuneralJBEdney
Full file URL:
File size: 466.78 kB (477984 Bytes)
MIME type: image/jpeg
Content type: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.00, comment: "LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01"
Uploaded by: Brent R
Upload date: 2 Feb 2008, 23:05 +1100
File comment: Funeral - The Daily Advertiser - Tues 19220321 - pg2 - Roll 53 (SLNSW)

Source citation by Brent RBrent R, 15 Mar 2008 09:25

Hopefully Paul can confirm what he is endeavouring to get when he is down there shortly.

You raise an important question about whether permission from CSU is required to reproduce material held in their custody on a private website for descendants of the authors of that material for their own personal research. Could you ask them and let us know the answer? In terms of Reminiscences, the "owners" of the book are actually WW District Historical Society; while the transcription I have been uploading, to my knowledge at this juncture, has been done anonymously. See the Reminiscences page as it is sourced and already includes the CSU Archives reference you stated above. In terms of the other material mentioned, I am unaware of any of it being reproduced on this website at the moment…


Re the above by Brent RBrent R, 02 Mar 2008 01:14

Hi fellow researchers,

I am going to be in Wagga for a couple of days at the end of March. I will endeavour to find the graves and photograph the headstones. I have contacted the Library and they have cemetery transcriptions and maps.
I also contacted the CSU archives and they are willing to copy any material. I wont have enough time to go there this trip and I dont really want to just get a copy of everything. The question I have is any of the material we already have on the site from the archives? and to use it on the site we may need to get the CSU Archives permission. Below is a listing I found of what is held ion the archive. It doesn't tell us much.


CSU Archives: Guide to Regional Records

Edney family; Wagga Wagga; day book, almanac, J. B. Edney’s reminiscences, scrap books, family papers and photographs, c. 1865-1920, RW5 items 26-38;
Loyal Orange Lodge certificate addressed to George W. Edney, 1922, RW1181 item 1;
Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society (see Community Agencies) (0.96m).

Headstone Photo's by SelinaMSelinaM, 01 Mar 2008 23:53

When referring to him, what name should we use? And why? And what should we officially record his name as? And what's "official" for that matter? I don't have an answer, but it does raise some philosophical questions about naming and labels. Which record overrules the others? (e.g. birth cert?). Or is it what you called yourself that should be recorded? Should we apply contemporary standards to historical situations?

Birth record: Robeson Eding
Marriage record: John Robertson Ednie
Death record: John Robertson Edney (JB Edney informant)
Wife's death record: John Robertson Edney (JB Edney informant)
Son's death record: John Robert Edney (JW Edney informant)
All Convict records: Robertson Edney
Children's baptism records: 1827 - John Robertson; 1828 - Robertson; 1830 - Robertson;
Lands record: R. Edney
Family immigration: John Edney (says wife) & Robertson Edney (says son)

Anything else?

Couldn't get the URL link to "Present day Oakes Avenue" underneath the Lands maps to centre in the middle of the page.

URL Link - alignment by Brent RBrent R, 23 Feb 2008 04:06

Some Lands maps put in the picture gallery. To compare the maps with the current satellite photo of the plot of land, click on the hyperlink to the Mt Edney farm in the Transportation to New South Wales subsection of this page, or simply click here.

Mt Edney farm by Brent RBrent R, 23 Feb 2008 02:45
Paul EdneyPaul Edney 17 Feb 2008 13:09
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » David Edney

I have added baptism entry (sorry its a bit hard to read), saying David born to William and Janet RObertson. Not necessarily proof that its the same David that married Janet RObertson (2). Also, the IGI list David and Robert as sons of William and Janet, although dont provide any further details on David.

I guess this doesnt rule out the possibility that the David that married Janet (2) was never from Ferry Port - maybe just another David born in Edinburgh (or elsewhere)…

i originally found the record for David on which recorded both Robert and David as sons of William and Janet - it also listed wives for both (David was listed as marrying Janet Robertson), and children were listed for both Robert and David. What I found odd was that for David it only listed all the children after John Robertson Edney, which left me with question of whether JRE was son of David or Robert. I don't have access to that anymore (my trial period expired and its a bit pricey), so not sure how that info was added.

ScotlandPeople (and IGI) also lists a David Edny born 1778 in Fife (Carnbee) and a David Eadney born 1787 in Dundee. For both, not marriage details recorded, although there are records for a David Ednie marrying someone (not Janet Robertson) in Dundee and another David Ednie marrying someone (not Janet Robertson) in Carnbee around 1825ish, so this possibly rules them out (see Unallocated Edney records. There are no other David Edney (or similar) in any records around that time (which doesnt mean that others didnt exist).

So I guess the arguement is that there was an initial lead on, and so far there are no better candidates.

Docs by Paul EdneyPaul Edney, 17 Feb 2008 13:09
Brent RBrent R 17 Feb 2008 09:34
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » David Edney

Just thinking out aloud here, but what is the argument for David Edney's parents being William Edney and Janet Robertson?

Parents? by Brent RBrent R, 17 Feb 2008 09:34
  • In 1912 Elizabeth and JB had their 60th wedding anniversary.
  • On obit, father is listed as John Walsh, not John Welsh. Sister Mary is listed as Mary Walsh on her shipping record. Maybe its a Scottish accent thing.
  • Obit mentions brother-in-law J Baker, which must be sister Mary Welsh's husband. Mary had died only the year before in 1912.
A couple of observations by Brent RBrent R, 02 Feb 2008 13:10

An early record (1636) of the surname Ednie from the National Archives of Scotland:

Ref No: GD26/4/780

Letters of lawburrows at the instance of Margaret Williamesoune [Williamson] in Lethame [Letham] and Andrew Edney [Ednie], her son, against William Sandilands of Sanctmonence [St. Monance], elder, Sir James Sandilands of Sanctmonence, younger, his son, Euphame Watt in Pitlair, James Mathe [Mathie] there, and James Wilkie there. Executions thereof, dated 26 and 27 June 1637.

Date: 10/6/1636

Early reference to Ednie by Brent RBrent R, 01 Feb 2008 09:41

Umm, Im at a loss. I have documents for the Muirhead and Ballantine options, but will have to check their other children.

Janet's parent continued.. by Paul EdneyPaul Edney, 28 Jan 2008 11:18

If one takes the simplistic view that if David Edney was from Fife, and he married Janet Robertson at Canongate Edinburgh, and they had some of their children baptised in Edinburgh & Calder, then perhaps Janet Robertson was an Edinburgh or Calder native. The Calder districts are located about 15km WSW of The Canongate. Looking at the Janet Robertsons baptised in the Edinburgh & Calder areas around a suitable timeframe, with a father James, yields:

  • 1775, m Isabel Meikle, Lasswade, Midlothian - about 8km SE of Canongate Edinburgh - but with the Edney's 4 girls, none were named Isabel.
  • 1777, m Mary Chisholm, Borthwick, Midlothian - about 15km SE of Canongate; an Edney child was named Mary.
  • 1782, m Margaret Clerkson, Bo'Ness, West Lothian - about 15km north of West Calder - an Edney child was named Margaret.
  • 1784, m Janet Muirhead, Mid Calder, Midlothian - assume you've got baptism for this one Paul?
  • 1785, m Margaret Ritchie, St Cuthberts, Midlothian - inner city Edinburgh, close to Canongate
  • 1786, m Isobel Ballantine, West Calder, Midlothian - Paul, have you got this baptism cert too?
  • 1789, m Elizabeth Dawson, Liberton, Midlothian - about 3km S of Canongate
  • 1789, m Margaret Gibson, Canongate Edinburgh, Midlothian

There's also JR's baptised in other nearby areas:

  • 1776, m Margaret Douglas, Dunfermline, Fife - about 20km N of East Calder. Do the Edneys have any other associations with persons surnamed Douglas? Why is Helen Douglas Edney so named?
  • 1779, m Janet Wilson, Dunfermline, Fife

Extrapolating a bit on the Janet Muirhead JR:

  • 1784, m Janet Muirhead, Mid Calder, Midlothian - obviously the area is a good match. I also like how this Janet had siblings called Margaret, John, and Barbara. And the children are baptised at either Mild Calder, Colinton or Currie - all parishes in a WSW direction from Edinburgh. Perhaps an occupation might be listed for James Robertson at one of the other parish baptisms.
Janet's parents by Brent RBrent R, 26 Jan 2008 12:04

It is also strange that there is no marriage certificate for James and Margaret.

There is a birth record for a Janet Robertson born to a James Robertson and Isobel Ballantine in 1786 in West Calder (just outside Edinburgh). No occupation listed for James, but it does note they had Janet "in fornication". There is another Janet Robertson born in 1784 to James Robertson and Janet Muirhead in Mid Calder, but again no occupation listed.

Janet's parents by Paul EdneyPaul Edney, 20 Jan 2008 09:08
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