Elizabeth Lizzie Sykes

Summary information

Name Annie Elizabeth Seitz
known as Lizzie
Date of birth 1886
Place of birth Canterbury, NSW
Date of death 20 December 1908
Place of death St Leonards, NSW
Mother Lucy Amelia Abbott
Father Johann Joachim Seitz
Siblings Ada Louise Seitz
John Alfred Seitz
Lucy May Sykes
Frederick William Sykes
Mary Jenny Seitz
Thomas Joseph Sykes
William H Seitz
James Francis Sykes
Richard Concord Sykes
Spouse Alfred Ernest Kyneur
Date of marriage 1907
Place of marriage Sydney, NSW
Children -
Occupation -

Simpson-Register-Morgan-Abbott-Seitz-Springfield-Edney tree


Richard Simpson (-)

Dorothy Simpson (1733) married Robert Register (-)

Eleanor Register (1764) — William Morgan (1764)

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