David Edney III

Summary information

Name David Edney12
Date of birth 18 June 1864
Place of birth Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
Died 14 September 1912
Place of death -
Mother Elizabeth Welsh
Father James Brown Edney
Siblings Martha Simpson Edney
Elizabeth Webster Edney
James Welsh Edney
Mary Welsh Edney
Barbara Robertson Edney
William Murray Edney
Helen Douglas Edney
John Robertson (Jack) Edney
Jesse Anderson Edney
George Harrison Edney I
Walter Scott Edney
Alexander Chalmers Edney
Spouse Mary Ann Eglington
Date of marriage 2 November 1891
Place of marriage Yass, New South Wales
Children Eliza Jane Edney
David William Edney
Elizabeth Ada Edney
Francis James Edney
Mary Ann Edney
Gordon Eglington Edney
Occupation -

Other information

Familysearch.org reports that David was also known as Daniel.

  • Witness to sister Barbara's wedding at Mt Edney farm on 28/1/1885.


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