Carl Seitz

Summary information

Name Carl Seitz
Date of birth -
Place of birth -
Date of death -
Place of death -
Mother -
Father -
Siblings -
Spouse -
Date of marriage -
Place of marriage -
Children Johann Joachim Seitz
Occupation Soldier

German connection tree

Jacob Peters (-) married Catherina Wehrmann (-)
Jochim Peters (1774)
Johann Koch (-) married Anna Plening (-)
Catharina Margaretha Koch (1773)
Kurt Timmermann (-) married Elsabe ? (-)
Elsabe Timmerman (-) married Jochim Scharmer (-) » Johann Scharmer (1795)

Anna Peters (1798) married Johann Scharmer (1795)

Anna Scharmer (1834) —— Carl Seitz (-)

Other information

Little is known about Carl Seitz, other than the information included on the birth records of his son, Johann Joachim Seitz.

Johann's birth certificate lists his surname as "Scharmer unehelich spurius Seitz", meaning that his name was Scharmer with no legal right to use the name Seitz. This suggests he was illegitimate. Indeed, the baptism register notes his birth was a result of 'Unzuchtsfall' which would denote illegitimacy. His mother, Anna Scharmer, never married his father. Instead, by the time Johann was born, Anna had married Johann Thee, who appears as his godfather on his birth certificate.

Carl was noted as being a Soldier posted in Hamburg in 1859 on Johann's baptism certificate.



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