Annie Whitton

Summary information

Name Ann (Annie) Whitton
Date of birth c. 1852
Place of birth Ederney, CF, Ireland
Date of death 13 October 1936
Place of death Gladesville, NSW
Mother Jane Jones
Father William Whitton
Siblings John Whitton Jr
James Whitton
William Whitton Jr
Thomas Whitton
Spouse Thomas W C Osborne Springfield
Date of marriage 5 August 1872
Place of marriage Grafton, New South Wales
Children Thomas Osborne Springfield
George J G Springfield
William James Whitton Springfield
Occupation -

Other information

Annie migrated from Ireland to Australia in 1860/61. After leaving Liverpool, the Hotspur arrived in Sydney on 24 February 1861. Annie migrated with her mother and brothers, although Thomas died on voyage from measles. (Her father had migrated to Australia a year earlier.)



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