Alfred Abbott

Summary information

Name Alfred Abbott
aka Frederick
Date of birth 1804
Place of birth Norwich, Norfolk, England
Date of death 24 October 1857
Place of death Liverpool Hospital, NSW
Mother -
Father -
Siblings -
Spouse Ann Collins
Date of marriage 31 October 1831
Place of marriage St John's, Parramatta, NSW
Children William Henry Abbott
Selina Abbott
Occupation Bricklayer, builder

Simpson-Register-Morgan-Abbott-Seitz-Springfield-Edney tree


Richard Simpson (-)

Dorothy Simpson (1733) married Robert Register (-)

Eleanor Register (1764) — William Morgan (1764)

Other information

Alfred (Frederick) was sentenced to 7 years in NSW for "stealing fowles". Convicted on 14 October 1823, he was transported on the Mangles (3) from Portsmouth, England on 17 July 1824. He was noted as 5'2" with pale complexion, light brown hair and blue eyes. A few years later her was recorded as 5'3" and grey eyes, with a small mole on his chin.

The Mangles (3) carried 190 male convicts from Portsmouth to Sydney Cove, arriving on 27 October 1824, with John Coghill as Master and John Crocket as Surgeon.

On his arrival, Alfred was assigned to Hyde Park Barracks. He later volunteered for the construction of a British outpost, Fort Dundas, on Melville Island. This was to become the first British settlement in North Australia but only lasted until 1829 when it was abandoned due to constant hostility with the local aborigines.

Alfred was granted his Ticket of Leave on 20 June 1829. At the time he was recorded as having a tattoo on his right arm reading "P.C.S.F.M.G.A.A." Its meaning has not been determined.

In 1831, Alfred married Ann Collins. The marriage was granted by the Governor under the authority of Banns by the Church of England at St John's Church in Parramatta. In 1826, the family was living in Sussex Street Sydney, and later in Camperdown.

Alfred died of pneumonia in 1857. He was buried on 26 October 1857 in Liverpool, NSW.


Marriage Banns Marriage Certificate Death certificate
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Ticket of Leave Certificate of Freedom 1824 Muster
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1825 Muster Mangles convicts "Mangles (3)"
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